My Baptism

On December 30, 2012, I was baptized at St Matthews Lutheran Church in Wauwatosa, by Pastor Chris.

My baptism verse was Psalm 119:105

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path

There was a nasty cough/cold/flu thing going around, which meant that my Grandma Post, Aunt Julie and cousins Brendon and Jack weren’t able to make the trip. They were sad to miss it, I was sad not to see them, but most of all, I just wanted them to get better real fast.

Thank you Uncle Damon for taking all of these pictures!

And sorry to those of you who were there but didn’t make it into any of these pictures. Next time! :-/

Hey, that's me! I'm a star!
Hey, that’s me! I’m a star!

Rylie Baptism-20121230-5 Rylie Baptism-20121230-8

Aunt Molly and Uncle Tommy (two of my godparents) before the service

Rylie Baptism-20121230-11 Rylie Baptism-20121230-14

I enjoyed hanging out on Daddy’s shoulder while we waited for my part of the service. We were sitting in the front row so there were a LOT of people to look at. I was really good and didn’t make any noise at all.

Rylie Baptism-20121230-16 Rylie Baptism-20121230-17

Time for the main event! Aunt Molly held me while Pastor Chris asked everyone to promise to help me learn about Jesus as I grow up.

Rylie Baptism-20121230-18 Rylie Baptism-20121230-19 Rylie Baptism-20121230-20

Then Pastor Chris baptized me! It was sort of like taking a bath, but it felt way more important.

Rylie Baptism-20121230-21 Rylie Baptism-20121230-23 Rylie Baptism-20121230-24 Rylie Baptism-20121230-27

Then, Pastor Chris walked me around the congregation. Lots of people made that “Oh, she is SO cute” look.

Rylie Baptism-20121230-22

Mommy and Daddy were very proud!

Rylie Baptism-20121230-34

Pastor Chris, me, Mommy, Daddy and my godparents. And, my cousin Sydney too, because she wanted to be part of my special day.

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