Hi there, we’re Paul and Kelley Post. We’ve been together since 2007, and one of our common interests has always been food and cooking. We each entered this relationship with some interest and experience cooking, as well as the willingness to try new foods and new recipes. As we dated, however, we developed a mutual interest in learning more of the details about cooking, about what the best cookware and utensils are, and about what kinds of foods we enjoy cooking. We also each found a gazillion food blogs that we thought were really interesting and inspiring.

This blog was originally created to showcase the happenings in our kitchen and in our start-up garden. After an initial burst of activity, however, things kind of got quiet around here. Maybe we picked the wrong time of year to get started, maybe it just seemed like we didn’t have enough interesting meals to talk about.

But, then, in 2012, we had Rylie. And we started taking more pictures, and it seemed like we had a lot more stories to tell, and (maybe more importantly) a lot more people who wanted to hear those stories.

We’ll probably still throw a food-related item in here once in a while, and maybe Kelley and Paul will write a post here or there. But, for now, it’ll mostly be Rylie doing the talking. She’s a very advanced baby.