After I was born, lots of people wanted to come visit me. Mommy and Daddy were really careful about how many people came to see me though, because they didn’t want me to get overwhelmed. They were also really worried about germs and stuff.

Some of my visitors were friends of Mommy and Daddy. They all seemed super nice. I can’t wait to get to know them more, and play with their kids.

But I also had some very special visitors called “aunts” and “cousins”

These pictures are from when my Aunt Julie and cousins Brendon and Jack came to visit:

My Aunt Julie
Me and Aunt Julie — looking cool in Black & White
My cousin Jack – he thinks he heard me say my first word
Jack’s hand is bigger than mine
My cousin Brendon – he’s in high school
He says he could beat me in Madden

My Aunt Jean and her kids also came to visit. Aunt Jean is not in any of these pictures because I hung out with her while Daddy was outside with Nabisco and my cousins.

Mommy, me and my girl cousins Alyssa and Sydney
My cousin Jacob – this picture makes me laugh (or would if I was doing that yet) because that’s Nabisco’s spot!
My cousin Alyssa was really excited to have a girl cousin
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