Three Months

I turned three months old today.

My latest trick is giggling, which seems to make Mommy and Daddy really really happy.

Other stuff about me:

  • I am starting to put toys in my mouth
  • I know Mommy’s and Daddy’s voice. I will try to find them if I hear it (even if it’s on speaker phone).
  • When I see Mommy and Daddy, I smile. Almost always. Especially when they come to get me after a nap.
  • I fall asleep sometime around 8:00 pm every night. Daddy gives me a bottle between 10 and 11, which I often sleep while drinking. Then I sleep until someone wakes me up around 5:45 am.
  • TV seems pretty awesome. I’m looking forward to the day when Mommy and Daddy stop turning me away from it all the time
  • I’m in daycare now, and I’m happy there, although I don’t nap quite as much as at home (probably because it’s noisier)
  • I’m exclusively in 3-month clothes now
  • I often sneeze multiple times in a row, just like Daddy
  • My eyes are still blue, and everyone seems to really want them to stay that way
  • Sometimes when I wake up from a nap, I will look at some of the toys hanging nearby and entertain myself for a little while
  • I’ve started to notice Nabisco
  • I’ve also started to notice my feet
  • Neck support? That was so one month old
  • I like to stretch my legs to “stand” when I’m in Mommy or Daddy’s lap
  • I am kinda, sorta, a little bit, willing to do tummy time for more than three minutes at a time. But no more than five.
  • When I’m sitting, I like to lean forward. Mommy and Daddy haven’t totally figured out why I’m doing this yet — Do I want to move somewhere else? Do I want to get a closer look at my toes? Do I want to do a somersault? I could tell you, but Mommy and Daddy read this too, and I’d like to keep them guessing a little longer

I also have my Mommy’s smirk.

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