When I first arrived, I met Mommy and Daddy.

Then, I met their mommies and daddies – my grandparents!

First up: Grandma and Grandpa McDonald. They drove all the way from Michigan to meet me on the day I was born. I understand that I am their first grandbaby. They tell me I am perfect. I refuse to believe those two things are related.

Grandma and Grandpa McDonald also watched my house and my doggie while I was in the hospital with Mommy and Daddy. I will always be thankful for their help!

Grandpa McDonald – I love him.

Grandma McDonald – I love her.

Grandma and Grandpa Post came to visit me too. They live in Wisconsin, but are a couple of hours away. I’m their sixth grandchild. They tell me I am very cute. Given their experience as grandparents, that must be true.

The following pictures are in Black & White because Daddy was feeling “artistic.” [Dad: Also, the wall colors in that hospital room were not the best background for color photos]

Grandma Post – I love her.

Grandpa Post – I love him.

I’m a very lucky baby to have such great grandparents in my life!

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