Courageous – Pledged to God

A little bit about my name

Sleeping at the hospital

First Name: Rylie

Origin: Irish, spelling variation of Riley

Meaning of Riley: “courageous”

Why Mommy and Daddy chose it: Grandpa McDonald is Irish, so they liked the idea of an Irish name for me. And Daddy really wanted my name to have a unique spelling, just like my Mommy.

One day old – cuddling with Mommy!

Middle Name: Elizabeth

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning of Elizabeth: “pledged to God”

Why Mommy and Daddy chose it: Elizabeth was the name of both Grandma Post’s and Grandma McDonald’s Mother

Keeping warm – I’ve got my hat on


Those are my initials. They are also the initials of my Grandpa Post.

I think I look silly in hats, so I usually try to push them off of my head as quickly as possible
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