First Flowers and our Woodpecker problem solved

In Garden/Backyard news:

The daffodils were the first to flower. They’re all gone now, but the tulips (not pictured) are bloomin’ like crazy. And I think we may end up with roughly 1.3 million peonies this year.

The pansies in the garden are enjoying the cool Spring.


We had a woodpecker problem. Every morning, we would be welcomed by not sunshine (seriously, this Spring has been glo-ooo-ooo-omy), but the loud pecking of a little woodpecker on our back porch. Yes, he was trying to eat our house. A little googling reassured me that he probably wasn’t extracting termites from the house, but rather, was doing a bit of a mating routine. Woodpecker chicks dig loud noises apparently. This googling also offered some suggestions for shooing away our menace. The winning suggestion: a wind sock. Since we hung this baby, we’ve been peck-free.

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