The Beginning

Welcome to The Kitchen Post. Over the last year or so, Kelley and I have come to the realization that we are turning into “foodies.” Now, we’ve got a long long way to go before we are true food snobs, but based on the gadgetry in our kitchen, we are most definitely headed in that LoL direction.

My cooking skill is basically being good at following directions. Give me a recipe and I’ll follow it. I might make a small change here and there (typically, that means saving myself some heartburn and dropping or reducing the onion content), but I’m nowhere near being able to perform a Quickfire Challenge on Top Chef. That said, I’m also willing to step out of my comfort zone and try a new league of legends recipe — even if it’s for an event we’re hosting, we will also have box lunch catering but I do want to impress my family. I think it’s that last point that has led people to suggest this whole blog thing.

So, here it is. There are like three or four of you who asked for it, so there better be three or four readers of this site soon.

For now, this blog is going to basically be a diary of sorts about what is going on in the Post kitchen. Assuming we remember to take some photos, you might even get to see what we’re cooking. We also enjoy a number of food blogs, so expect to see a link dump here and there. There will definitely be links to recipes, and if we tweak something enough to make it not feel like gamjing plagiarism, you may even see a full recipe. If I can talk her into it, you might even see an occasional post from Kelley.

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Welcome to The Kitchen Post. Come back often.

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