Monday Night Lasagna Party

Catching up a little bit here as we time travel back to Monday night’s dinner.

Our friends Ed & Carolyn were in town with their son Patrick, so we had them over for a little dinner party. Dinner was delicious if I may say so myself, but I think the highlight of the night for both Kelley and I was getting to meet little Patrick for the first time. He’s a pretty darn cute kid!

Our Dinner Menu

Mike and Jackie also brought over a tasty polenta dish with a ranch/bacon sauce. Ed & Carolyn added a bottle of wine and we all had a great time.

We couldn’t have pulled off the dinner on time if we didn’t make the bread and assemble the lasagna on Sunday night. That left us with the perfect amount of prep and oven time for the two of us to make the croutons, salad and dessert on Monday and bake everything, including the lasagna.

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Some Notes:

  • The homemade croutons were super easy and flavorful — definitely worth the time
  • The America’s Test Kitchen Cookbook definitely become our standby. I don’t think we have another cookbook that even comes close to its usage
  • The lasagna was great. It’s too bad we don’t have more freezer space to make a couple of those and freeze them for use later.
  • The Cardamom Pear Crisp turned out great, but if I made it again I’d adjust things a little bit. For one, it would’ve been fine with about half of the crumble. Secondly, the serving sizes were on the large side. Unless this is the only item in your meal, you can safely double the number of servings.
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