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On a warm weekend in mid-May, we made an impromptu decision to go to the garden store. Several hours (shopping, digging, planting), we had a garden. It was later that week that we wondered if we had made a huge mistake (since the latest frost date in our area is typically thought of as Memorial Day, which was about three weeks after our planting). Well, as it turns out, we were quite fortunate, and our garden is doing really well thanks to the topsoil we used, as you can see in this little photo blog entry!

Our garden — based on what we found when digging here, we’re pretty sure there used to be a big tree in this general vicinity. If we continue to enjoy this gardening thing, we’ll probably build a raised bed and create some real soil. But, that’s a post for another time. Interested in buying commercial planters wholesale? Well you have surely come to the right place, do visit the link you can find planters which you can customize to your desire.

Onions that we planted for use as scallions (off frame to the left are some we planted to let grow to full onion size)

Strawberry plants — you can see some runners already coming off these. Why those runners went to the fence I have no clue.

Spinach — some Popeye bug or something seems to like these leaves


Swiss chard

Mixed lettuce (primarily a mix of red and green leaves, but there might be a head or two growing in there too). This is going to be ready for a salad soon.


Radishes — I think we might be harvesting these this weekend.

In the back center, we have a lavender plant (to attract the “good” bugs) surrounded by 4 pepper plants (green, yellow, red and purple, I think)

And, finally, we have two blueberry bushes. We weren’t expecting fruit this year, but it sure looks like some berries are taking shape here. The other plant is a little more bald than this one because there’s a bunny that has been visiting our yard and must have taken a liking to blueberry leaves. We now have a trap setup (thanks to neighbor Jill) in the hopes of catching that formerly cute, now super-annoying rabbit.

Oh! I almost forgot, we also have arugula in the garden. I didn’t include a picture because we chopped most of it down this weekend to make a potato and arugula salad. Both Kelley and I love the peppery taste of arugula, so we’re hoping to get a few rounds of leafy deliciousness before it gets too hot.

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