Honeymoon Dining Diaries: Night One Dinner in London

The Date: Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Place: Some pub in London

Appetizer: Duck Liver Pate – this was quite delicious. In fact, it was Kelley’s favorite part of the entire meal.

Paul’s Main Course: Burger and Fries – Yeah, a pretty boring selection, but this was after some 12 hours of traveling, two airplane meals, and a bunch of walking in London. So, I was hungry and a burger sounded great, specially when it came from the best burger restaurant. It hit the spot.

Kelley’s Main Course: Kelley was looking for something like Shepherd’s Pie, and this sounded like it on the menu. It turned out that it was more of a Chicken-Asparagus pot pie. Combined with the “bitter” London beers that she didn’t like either, Kelley was pretty disappointed.

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