Coming Up at the Kitchen Post – week of 1/11/10

Our cooking goals are a work-in-progress, but I’ll include them once in a while in weekly/monthly previews and recaps, so you can see how they’re evolving and we can see how well we’re doing!

  1. Eating a veggie-focused meal once a week
  2. Eating fish once a month (Kelley’s not a huge fan of the fish, so my biggest challenge here is to find something that she’ll enjoy.)

As for this week specifically, here’s a bit of a plan.

  • We’re hosting some friends for dinner on Monday night. The menu includes the America’s Test Kitchen meat lasagna and Caesar salad, homemade baquettes and Cardamom Pear Crisp from the Sunday Suppers blog. The bread has been baked and the lasagna is assembled and in the refrigerator. If all goes well, this meal should be one of the highlights of the week.
  • Chipotle Bean Burritos are on tap for Vegetarian Mexican night
  • I’d like to move beyond the lean breads I’ve been focused on and make an Oatmeal bread this week, possibly accompanied by some Three Citrus Marmalade to go with it (both recipes from Artisan Breads in 5 minutes)
  • In another bread-related goal, I’d like to give Peter Reinhart’s sourdough mother starter another shot, so I may buy some pineapple juice and get a seed culture started.
  • We have some broccoli in the refrigerator begging to be cooked up — a pork stir-fry could be in order
  • Similarly, we have a pound of one of Kelley’s favorite veggies, Brussels sprouts
  • We received the first issue of a subscription to Cuisine at Home from Kelley’s family and there are a couple recipes in there that might be fun to try
  • It would be nice to get some quality shrimp or scallops for a seafood night.
  • I’m hosting an end-of-season fantasy football party on Saturday. An appetizer or two may be in order.

What are your food goals for the week? Any suggestions for a dude-friendly app? What other food-related goals should we have?

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