Mother Starter

Remember that Sourdough Seed Starter?

Well, it has graduated to full-fledged Mother Starter status.

This is going to need a feeding on Friday, so I’m going to have to do a little baking with it between now and then. Do I go with the Pain au Levain? The San Francisco Sourdough bread? Some sourdough pizza dough? All of the above?

I think what I most need to do is research how to go about mixing some doughs and then freezing them.

Any opinions from our six readers?

Sourdough Seed Culture

This is my second attempt at trying to get a sourdough starter going. This time, I’m using the method in Peter Reinhart’s Artisan Breads Every Day.

The ingredients: unbleached bread flour and pineapple juice The initial stir

I mixed up the seed culture on Friday night. The first feeding will be Sunday evening, then it’ll be time to wait and see how long it takes to get some quality fermentation going. (I’ve seen some notes that talk about this process taking longer in the cooler, drier winter months)