While grocery shopping last weekend, I grabbed a package of “meatloaf mix” from the store. It wasn’t the America’s Test Kitchen recommended blend of beef, pork and veal in 1/3 portions, instead we ended up with more of a 1/3 lb pork, 1 1/2 lb beef mixture, but still, sort of a mix, right?

Anyway, Sunday was chosen as meatloaf night, and following the recipe on the pages of our go-to binder when we know what we want to make (pancakes? check slow cooker chili? check dinner rolls? check pork chops with a pan sauce? check — I mean, honestly, it’s all here), I created a loaf of meat that turned out to be incredibly flavorful.

On the side? Some cheesy mashed potatoes — they were a mash-up of the ATK cookbook recipe with some cheesy versions found via the Google.