Honeymoon Dining Diaries: Afternoon Tea in London

The Date: May 17, 2010

The Place: The Georgian Restaurant at Harrod’s

The dining room had a great atmosphere. Not shown here — the piano player. They had some lovely layout designs that could be useful for the upcoming restaurant I’m opening back at my home town. If you have decided to go down the same road, then check out Shawarmapressfranchise.com/ for their help.

The “Meal”: We ordered one full-blown afternoon tea, featuring a plate of sandwiches, a plate of breads and a plate of pastries. Then, we ordered one additional tea with a single course of sandwiches.

Our platters — sandwiches on the bottom, scones in the middle, pastries on top

Kelley exhibiting some fine tea sipping form.

Paul with the pinky extension

Everything so clean and shiny

It was all delicious — Kelley wanted to lick her plate clean!

And then there was the table next to us, which featured two women and one little girl, maybe 4 years old. Well, she wasn’t quite into the classy tea experience. So, she played with her food. At the end of their tea time, their table looked like this:

For comparison sake — this is the final view of our table:

Honeymoon Dining Diaries: Night Two Dinner in London

The Date: Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Place: The Ebury Restaurant in Chelsea (London)

The Website: http://www.theebury.co.uk/

The Atmosphere: First off, it should be noted that we weren’t intending to go here. We had come to the Chelsea neighborhood with the intention of grabbing a quick bite to eat then joining up with an organized Pub Walk. We consulted the Zagat iPhone app for a place to dine and it directed us to what sounded like a fantastic Italian place. Unfortunately, they didn’t open until 6:30, and it was 6:00. And the pub walk was at 7. So, we expanded the search and Zagat also gave high marks to the Ebury. We were lucky to duck in when we did too, since the only downpour of our entire honeymoon struck while we dined!

Overall, the atmosphere was very upscale/casual/modern, the crowd was small (it was a rainy Sunday night, after all) and trended to roughly our age range. The menu was classy, and we were able to select a nice bottle of wine.

Kelley’s Main Course: Risotto primavera: peas, broadbeans, fresh mint, spring onions. This was really tasty, and Kelley has never met a risotto she didn’t like, so this was a hit.

Paul’s Main Course: Roast lamb rump, olive oil mash, olives and sundried tomato au jus. This was also quite delicious. The olive oil mash was a nice complement to the tangy sweetness of the au jus.

Dessert: Kelley got an espresso that she poured over a scoop of ice cream. She loved it. I got a glass of port wine. I loved it.

Honeymoon Dining Diaries: Night One Dinner in London

The Date: Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Place: Some pub in London

Appetizer: Duck Liver Pate – this was quite delicious. In fact, it was Kelley’s favorite part of the entire meal.

Paul’s Main Course: Burger and Fries – Yeah, a pretty boring selection, but this was after some 12 hours of traveling, two airplane meals, and a bunch of walking in London. So, I was hungry and a burger sounded great, specially when it came from the best burger restaurant. It hit the spot.

Kelley’s Main Course: Kelley was looking for something like Shepherd’s Pie, and this sounded like it on the menu. It turned out that it was more of a Chicken-Asparagus pot pie. Combined with the “bitter” London beers that she didn’t like either, Kelley was pretty disappointed.