CSA 2010 Box #1

This is our third year as CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) members, and our third year with Tipi Produce as our CSA of choice.

For those who haven’t tried a CSA, we couldn’t recommend it more highly! We get a much wider variety of food than we could (or would — I mean, salad turnips? who knew?) grow ourselves, we get fresh veggies earlier (because they have things like greenhouses that wouldn’t fit in our backyard) and we’re supporting a great farm.

We have always signed up for the every-other-week share, as opposed to every week. That frequency has worked well for us with all the goings on of summer, not to mention the fact that even with an every two week delivery, there are still times when we don’t use everything in the box.

Our first delivery was scheduled for May 21st, but we were still on our honeymoon then, so we rescheduled our first delivery to the following week.

CSA Box #1

Pick-up Date: May 28th, 2010

Contents: asparagus, spinach, white salad turnips, red bibb lettuce, green garlic, arugula, escarole, and chive flowers

What we made:

  • We grilled the asparagus
  • We made a spinach-strawberry salad for my new niece’s baptism
  • I ate the white salad turnips as a snack (Kelley doesn’t care for the consistency)
  • We made a garden salad with the red bibb lettuce
  • I used the arugula in a grilled chicken dinner
  • The escarole and green garlic (in place of scallions) went into a very tasty Pork & Escarole pasta dish
  • and, finally, the chives have been used (and are still being used) in a variety of dishes

The verdict:

This has to be right up there with the highest usage of a single box in our CSA history. Everything was delicious, and unlike last year, the salad turnips were maggot-damage free, which improved their psychological taste considerably.

Next box: June 4th (with strawberries!)

Link Soup – 2/17/2010

Serious Eats’ Technique of the Week is an awesome slide show about beating egg whites

The Bitten Word with some tips on finding a CSA (we use Tipi Produce)

And a bunch of great articles at The Kitchn:

How to Buy and Store Bulk Foods from re-nest. This one included the following (which I had never thought of before):

When we get home from the store, we like to place dry goods like flour in the freezer for 48 hours to kill any pests. (We do this with all grocery store grains, not just those from the bulk bins.)

Have any great links you’d like to share? Send them our way.

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