Happy Halloween

This is my first Halloween ever.

Grandma made me a costume – I’m a Gnome!

Mommy probably has some pictures of just me in the costume, but I don’t have them right now, so instead, here are some pictures of me and my cousins from last weekend!

Jack, me, Brendon
Jack, Brendon, Sydney, Aunt Julie, Mommy, me, Alyssa
Mommy, me, Alyssa
Alyssa, Sydney
Witch and Duck

Aunt Molly and Uncle Damon

In early October, my Aunt Molly and Uncle Damon came to visit.

They live in a place called “Maine” which is super far away. I know this because they had to take an airplane to get here.

I had lots of fun meeting my relatives from Maine. I especially loved taking naps with Aunt Molly. I like naps. I want to do that again the next time I see her.

Aunt Molly and Uncle Damon helped me get really good at smiling
…and I was super good at making them smile
Uncle Damon (note Nabisco — not impressed)
I was telling my Aunt Molly how I can’t wait to get my first letter in the mail from her. She can even use that typewriter if she wants to.
Tell me a story, Aunt Molly
Nap champions
I love my Aunt Molly very very much

While they were here, we also carved pumpkins for Halloween. I understood very little of what was going on with the pumpkins and the knives and the carving tools, but I do know that the pumpkins looked really cool on our porch. (Until 2 weeks later — a week before Halloween — when they got super rotten and moldy)

All of our pumpkins!
Daddy carved Cookie Monster
Daddy made a second pumpkin for me — it’s a kitty and another Jack-O-Lantern
Aunt Molly and Uncle Damon’s pumpkins

Courageous – Pledged to God

A little bit about my name

Sleeping at the hospital

First Name: Rylie

Origin: Irish, spelling variation of Riley

Meaning of Riley: “courageous”

Why Mommy and Daddy chose it: Grandpa McDonald is Irish, so they liked the idea of an Irish name for me. And Daddy really wanted my name to have a unique spelling, just like my Mommy.

One day old – cuddling with Mommy!

Middle Name: Elizabeth

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning of Elizabeth: “pledged to God”

Why Mommy and Daddy chose it: Elizabeth was the name of both Grandma Post’s and Grandma McDonald’s Mother

Keeping warm – I’ve got my hat on


Those are my initials. They are also the initials of my Grandpa Post.

I think I look silly in hats, so I usually try to push them off of my head as quickly as possible


When I first arrived, I met Mommy and Daddy.

Then, I met their mommies and daddies – my grandparents!

First up: Grandma and Grandpa McDonald. They drove all the way from Michigan to meet me on the day I was born. I understand that I am their first grandbaby. They tell me I am perfect. I refuse to believe those two things are related.

Grandma and Grandpa McDonald also watched my house and my doggie while I was in the hospital with Mommy and Daddy. I will always be thankful for their help!

Grandpa McDonald – I love him.

Grandma McDonald – I love her.

Grandma and Grandpa Post came to visit me too. They live in Wisconsin, but are a couple of hours away. I’m their sixth grandchild. They tell me I am very cute. Given their experience as grandparents, that must be true.

The following pictures are in Black & White because Daddy was feeling “artistic.” [Dad: Also, the wall colors in that hospital room were not the best background for color photos]

Grandma Post – I love her.

Grandpa Post – I love him.

I’m a very lucky baby to have such great grandparents in my life!