Courageous – Pledged to God

A little bit about my name

Sleeping at the hospital

First Name: Rylie

Origin: Irish, spelling variation of Riley

Meaning of Riley: “courageous”

Why Mommy and Daddy chose it: Grandpa McDonald is Irish, so they liked the idea of an Irish name for me. And Daddy really wanted my name to have a unique spelling, just like my Mommy.

One day old – cuddling with Mommy!

Middle Name: Elizabeth

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning of Elizabeth: “pledged to God”

Why Mommy and Daddy chose it: Elizabeth was the name of both Grandma Post’s and Grandma McDonald’s Mother

Keeping warm – I’ve got my hat on


Those are my initials. They are also the initials of my Grandpa Post.

I think I look silly in hats, so I usually try to push them off of my head as quickly as possible


When I first arrived, I met Mommy and Daddy.

Then, I met their mommies and daddies – my grandparents!

First up: Grandma and Grandpa McDonald. They drove all the way from Michigan to meet me on the day I was born. I understand that I am their first grandbaby. They tell me I am perfect. I refuse to believe those two things are related.

Grandma and Grandpa McDonald also watched my house and my doggie while I was in the hospital with Mommy and Daddy. I will always be thankful for their help!

Grandpa McDonald – I love him.

Grandma McDonald – I love her.

Grandma and Grandpa Post came to visit me too. They live in Wisconsin, but are a couple of hours away. I’m their sixth grandchild. They tell me I am very cute. Given their experience as grandparents, that must be true.

The following pictures are in Black & White because Daddy was feeling “artistic.” [Dad: Also, the wall colors in that hospital room were not the best background for color photos]

Grandma Post – I love her.

Grandpa Post – I love him.

I’m a very lucky baby to have such great grandparents in my life!

I went to the doctor today for my 2 month checkup. She said everything about me was great — I’m 24.5 inches long (98th percentile) and a little over 11-and-a-half pounds (60th percentile). Daddy thinks that means I’ll look like Mommy.

Then another lady came in and POKED ME WITH FOUR NEEDLES.


August 19, 2012

At 2:35 pm on Sunday, August 19th, 2012, I was born. New Slang by The Shins was playing on Pandora.

Suddenly there was light everywhere and a bunch of people were cleaning me and poking me and weighing me and measuring me. (for you stat geeks, I was 21 inches long, 8 lbs 8 oz)

And then…

I was in Mommy’s arms.

I felt safe.

And happy.

And well, sleepy.

Daddy was there too.

We were a family.

Hello, My Name is Rylie

20121020-221454.jpgHi there. My name is Rylie. Rylie Elizabeth Post to be exact.

I’m two months old, but I’ve already got some stories to tell.

Like, for example, how this house seems to contain a lot of devices capable of connecting to the internet, and there’s this blog here, but somehow, it hasn’t been updated in over a year. What’s up with that? Dad? Mom? (and Mom, seriously… three posts? ever? I know you’ve been busy incubating me, but I sort of expected more)

Anyway, one day I was messing around on the computer (seen on the right) and hacked into this blog and created an account for myself. I’m hoping that I can be a more consistent blogger than Mommy and Daddy. It’ll be a challenge to fit it into my schedule of playing, eating and sleeping, but I’m setting this as my first goal.

Plus, these people are taking a LOT of pictures of me, and I’m not sure I want them all on that Facebook thing, so I’m going to put some of them here.

Feel free to leave me a comment here. I’ll try to reply to the best ones when I wake up from my nap.