Five Months

Let’s make believe it is January. It still feels like it outside, so it should be pretty easy for you to play along.

I turned FIVE months old!

Rylie Five Months-3

Daddy is trying to remember what I was like at Five Months old so this post will have some historical relevance.

  • I officially became a roller before five months – back-to-front and front-to-back rolling were skills I developed within a day or two of each other
  • I like to smile
  • I can sit with help, but I sort of start flopping after 30 seconds or so
  • I like to put all of my toys in my mouth, but I especially like tags and cloth/felt type toys that I can really get my slobber all over
  • I am eating about two tablespoons of solid food once a day. I like it. A lot.

My Mobile

I got this mobile from Grandma McDonald a while ago. She bought it in a magical place called “Germany.”

(Funny story… It’s made in the US) Oh wait… that was the Advent Calendar o’ Ornaments. So many gifts from Granny Mac! LOL


It hangs above my bed.


I have always liked it.


But in the last two days, like has turned to love, or should I say, intense fascination. Probably the same thing.