Link Soup – 2/5/2010

A few share-worthy links for this week:

Link Soup – 1/26/2010

Eat Your Books compiled a Top Cookbooks of 2009 list – our copy of #2 Ad Hoc at Home should arrive on Friday

Understanding the various steak cuts

Serious Eats’ gadget feature regarding the KitchenArt Automatic Dispensing spice rack has me intrigued (mainly because of the dial-an-amount feature)

Some recipes to try:

Wild-Rice Pilaf with Cranberries and Pecans (Martha Stewart)

Pomegranate-Lentil Soup (The Kitchn)

Indian Cashew Chicken (My Recipes) — with the one-hour cook time, this is a recipe for the weekend

Link Soup – 1/15/2010

  • Eat Your Books (h/t the kitchn ) – this is a really, really cool concept. You create an account (30-day free trial!) and add the cookbooks you own to your virtual EYB bookshelf. Then, assuming the staff at EYB have already indexed the recipes and ingredient lists from your cookbooks, you will be able to search for a recipe among your entire collection, without having to take each book down from the shelf and flip through it. This could be a huge time saver if you have a number of different cookbooks. And, it may point you to some recipes you wouldn’t have found just by flipping the pages by hand.
  • In local dining news: the bar at Bacchus is going retro with some pre-Prohibition era cocktails and Durango will be open for lunch after their grand opening on the 21st.
  • Top Chef became one of our favorite TV shows this past season. With the networks doing their dog-and-pony shows this week, there is a little news. Some secrets revealed to Entertainment Weekly followed by two Gail Simmons articles at slashfood (the announcement that Simmons would host Top Chef: Just Desserts, and an interview with her)
  • Delicious Days shares their 7 favorite recipes from other blogs in 2009
  • In technology, the kitchn posted some kitchen-related highlights from this week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The Demy is intriguing — too bad it’s out of stock until late Spring.
  • My Recipes discusses cooking delicious meals with 5 cheap cuts of meat

Recipes to Try:

Here are the blog recipes this week that I’d like to go back to later:

Link Soup – 1/10/2010

The Packers don’t play for another few hours and the appetizer playoff game hasn’t started yet, so what better time to share a few food links?

disclaimer: I make no guarantee that these are interesting to anyone but me

The 2010 Saveur 100 List (via TheKitchn) – there are some interesting things on this list:

  • Kelley needs to take me to #100 the next time we visit the in-laws in Kalamazoo
  • Our whole state comes in at #91. Kelley is already hungry for an Elegant Famer pie.
  • I would be happy to have a #88 on our knife rack.
  • I jokingly told Kelley that I needed a #83
  • Anyone else think we should stop at #73 on our honeymoon?
  • I am making some #67s during blackberry season and there’s nothing you can do to stop me
  • #26 is a site I’ll be spending some time at

Delicious Days has their 7 favorite cookbooks of 2009

Edward Schneider shares his secrets for the best French Toast on Mark Bittman’s NY Times blog

Lifehacker (not technically a food blog, but it is one of my favorites) has a post for making homemade Twinkies

The Fresh Loaf website’s community-built bread making handbook