Jacob and Sydney’s Birthday Party – 2013

In early March, we drove up to Green Bay for a birthday party for my cousins Jacob (8) and Sydney (3).

Jacob-Sydney Birthday Party 2013-1

I got to meet my newest cousin Mason for the first time.


I was indifferent.

Jacob-Sydney Birthday Party 2013-7 Jacob-Sydney Birthday Party 2013-6 Jacob-Sydney Birthday Party 2013-2

I got to play with my Grandpa Post a lot. It was super fun.

Jacob-Sydney Birthday Party 2013-5

We gave Sydney a princess dress.


I think…


… it was a hit



A princess has to eat, right?

Jacob-Sydney Birthday Party 2013-4


Note: It was also Jacob’s birthday. He just wasn’t around the camera or me much.

Happy Birthday to my cousins!

Five Months

Let’s make believe it is January. It still feels like it outside, so it should be pretty easy for you to play along.

I turned FIVE months old!

Rylie Five Months-3

Daddy is trying to remember what I was like at Five Months old so this post will have some historical relevance.

  • I officially became a roller before five months – back-to-front and front-to-back rolling were skills I developed within a day or two of each other
  • I like to smile
  • I can sit with help, but I sort of start flopping after 30 seconds or so
  • I like to put all of my toys in my mouth, but I especially like tags and cloth/felt type toys that I can really get my slobber all over
  • I am eating about two tablespoons of solid food once a day. I like it. A lot.